The beauty of cross-cultural teamwork and utilizing it to its best. — Headline part 2

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    January 5, 2022

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As a business and an organization, there will be quite a few obstacles if you fully do not understand other cultures.

Today, especially when it is all about building connections worldwide to flourish, it is essential for businesses to understand different cultures and traditions to use cross-cultural marketing effectively.

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Cross-cultural marketing is the process of marketing among consumers belonging to a different culture than the culture of the marketer. And for this marketing strategy to work successfully, collaborative cross-cultural teamwork must be present.


Yes, we understand that this strategy is tricky, and it is better to take the support of people who are experts in this domain. We, at Touchpoint, focus on Chinese inbound and outbound marketing. We let your brand interact with Chinese customers via your core values.


We work with solid trading partners who provide us with updated trade marketing insights across various industries. We also do competitor analysis for you and help you build effective market execution strategies to strengthen your engagement with customers worldwide.


As a brand, you need to engage your consumers with memorable experiences to express their emotions. We function around cross-cultural teamwork where our members from diverse backgrounds help design and create campaigns and events that will offer satisfaction to your customers every time they engage with you.


At Touchpoint, we understand that the landscape of digital marketing is evolving every day, and after seven years of experience in this industry, we know how to find out who you really are as a business, and we help you present your brand in front of your consumers.


We love building ideas and making them a reality. And we take pride in saying that our experience has helped us gain expertise in branding and marketing to create the best engagement for you.


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