NZ Supplement Brand’s legend — From 0 to No.1 sales on in 1 year

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    Little Umbrella; Hi Globe Group

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The No. 1 selling Lactoferrin product on in 2020

The client came to us with only an idea and the  products’ prototype. With a long history of pharmaceutical production, but little experience in branding & marketing, the client is crying for professional help to assist them in new brand development to catch the increasing needs of the multifunctional supplements in overseas markets, particularly China. 

We have facilitated several cross-cultural branding and marketing workshops with diagnosis analysis. Based on the results, we started with the brand building exercise, from naming,  VI design to the eCommerce website development. 



Eye-catching packaging design won customers’ hearts, it has quickly occupied maternal care shelves in both China and New Zealand. It only took 50 days, we helped the client build the brand from scratch, and in another 30 days, the Little Umbrella Lactoferrin was out in the market, receiving unexpected popularity. 










Selling Lactoferrin product on in 2020
Product exposures across social media
Featured in Top Maternal care magazine Oh!Baby