We believe a brand is more than your logo, that it is the heart and soul of your business, product or service.

Brand Core Values

We create brand identity under a cultural umbrella , establish brand communication and create meaningful experience through trans-disciplinary design approaches.

We work with people who believe in the value of strategic design, and understand how important it is to develop a brand strategy that connects with people in different cultures.

To reveal your core brand value, we co-work with you on
  • Brand research
  • Brand story
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand strategy
  • Identity Development

Brand research and positioning for AUG boots.

Brand development and packaging design as well as printing management for Dear Plus.

Brand design and application on different medium. Navpro New Zealand.

Brand core value whole package development. Sapiens Superfood New Zealand. View full case study here.

Brand core concept and packaing design. Little umbrella New Zealand.

Brand Experience

We study every touchpoint of your brand to customers and make the true engagement and interaction happen

Brand is the vehicle of the meanings internally and externally.

  • Online experience
  • Offline experience
  • Intergrated experience

Integrated experience design and campaign execution. Fundraising for Curekids New Zealand.

IP Protection

Your trademark protection is the first step to keep you away from dramas when your brand is promising


Rebranding is a journey to refresh your brand your products. To getting a fresh look but keeping the brand soal, close collaboration with brand stakeholders is the KEY

  • Brand research
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand strategy
  • Visual refreshing

Packaging design. Luxerose premium cocktails New Zealand. View full case study.

We’d love to work with you. Yes, you!