We believe marketing is to creatively and professionally engage your customers at each touchpoint to them. Return of marketing investment is always the key measurement to our marketing strategy and execution performance.

Marketing Strategy

We focus on Chinese & Kiwi inbound and outbound marketing. Through online and offline marketing activations, we let your brand speak to Chinese customers with your brand core values.

We have strong trading partners to provide us with updated trade marketing insights across food, skincare as well as mum & baby sectors. Touchpoint worked together with Streamland to develop their Chinese Market strategy since 2018. Our work includes competitor analysis and market execution plan to strengthen engagement with their customers world wide.

Marketing Research

WA confident business decision is based on your understanding of your and the market question.

Find the right questions to ask is the the starting journey of our market research. Qualitative and quantitative research.

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Market Research of major Chinese eCommerce platforms
  • big data research insights
  • focus group
  • online survey

KOL Marketing

Key opinion leader also called influencer or “Wanghong” has different industry ecosystem in China compared to New Zealand

We have the best updated KOLs experience as well as reliable execution team in Shanghai & Guangzhou

  • Little redbook seedling
  • WeChat KOL Marketing
  • Livestreaming
  • Tiktok and Kuaishou Shot videos Kols
  • Weibo KOLS

Campaign & Events

Brand needs engaging consumers with memorable experience as well as a way to express their emotions attachment

We have diverse cultural background team to design and create campaign and events that satisfy every touchpoint of your customers interaction with you.

Digital & Social Own Voice

Digital marketing‘s landscape is changing everyday, we generate quality content and deliver appropriate messages in different social media channels

We have worked with different sectors NZ corporate and brands on Chinese ‘social marketing strategy and content generation. The true finding from our 7 years experience is social media is another way of your storytelling, like old days website, brochure, but the difference is that you have to keep communicating your key values in different forms as well different context. The successful content is always generated by people with brand love. The channels will change everyday, the ecosystem will evolve everyday, WeChat official account, Weibo, Tictok video, KOL livestreaming, KOL short videos etc. We can find who you really are,and present you.

Mass Media

No matter mass media or new media (social media influencer or media ) ,we provide clients with insights and plans. We focus exclusively on what is in the best interest of our clients.

We are independent agent, that allows our clients to source the best media and production services in China and New Zealand.We also have access to effective and efficient media production and creative resources to develop your media content.

Sponsorship of Bazaar Charity Night in Beijing 2018. luxerose New Zealand

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