How to tap the power of Chinese superfans? — Brands need to know...


This enthusiasm represents a business opportunity

If you work in the city, take a stroll on Queen Street, you will probably notice the massive JCDecaux billboard just over the New World Metro. In August, it was featuring a Chinese pop star Yibo Wang for more than two weeks. Yibo, with over 50 million social media fans globally, is rated as one of the top influential celebrities in China. And the placement was funded by Yibo’s NZ super fan group and facilitated by us. It’s not the first time that the fan group invested in prestige high profile billboards to celebrate its idol. If you ever get a chance to work with them, you will be amazed how organised and professional they are. As well as their purchasing power.

This enthusiasm represents a business opportunity, which brand have fully latched onto. Announcements of celebrity promotional partnerships are now linked to the release of products used by celebrities, channelling online influence to help push sales. “It’s also an effective means of conducting consumer research, testing the purchasing power of fans”, referred to Vogue Business.

In March 2021, New Zealand honey brand Richora, announced Yibo Wang as the brands global ambassador. In the meantime, launching their rebranded Manuka honey. The high endorsement fee seems paid back quickly with a sell-out on their online stores right after the debut, mostly purchased by Yibo’s super fans.

From Bingbing Fan’s endorsement of Blackmores to Dilraba’s new role as Swisse’s brand ambassador. Many New Zealand brands have also done deals to use the influence of major Chinese celebrity to break into the world’s largest economy. Behind all the glory, lessons were also learnt that brands need to have an overarching marketing and PR strategy as well as a risk management plan behind before the investment.

We were also honoured to help brands facilitate celebrity and influencer collaborations with an integrated strategy.

Luxerose Cocktail

Luxerose is an RTD range of cocktails aimed at the young, millennial female audience in New Zealand and China. Touchpoint CC was appointed as its marketing agency, involved from the beginning of the project. Unforgettable and often life-altering moments are the ones that inspired Luxerose. Designed for social occasions and gifting, New Zealand mixologists were commissioned to create distinctive cocktail blends reflecting current flavours and taste trends in the New Zealand social scene.

We initiated Luxerose KOL marketing strategy, connecting the brand with celebrities, fashion icons, models, social media KOLs and successfully engaging the brand with consumers from various aspects which successfully stimulated the consumptive appetite of people.

In-depth collaboration with Bazzar China was one of the highlight moments of the brand. By appearing at the high-profile fashion gala dinner. The cocktail was captured with Chinese top celebrities such as Lin Chi-ling, Angelababy, Qi Wei etc.  Luxerose is fast becoming the new go-to in China when it comes to parties and friends gatherings.

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