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    Integrated Marketing Campaign

1st NZ honey brand using influencer live-streaming to boost sales

Streamland is a New Zealand honey brand that successfully entered the China market in 2015. We were appointed as its creative agency, heavily involved from the NPD phase. In 2017, the brand is looking to develop new SKUs, tapping into the floral honey category. The target market analysis identified the major consumer portfolio — 19-30 year-old foodies, who are looking for fashionable, interesting and creative products. 

Rose’n Honey -combining  two treats from nature honey and floral wonder was an innovative try that naturally has romantic symbolism. To reflect that, we have created an integrated social campaign at the timing of  Chinese Valentine’s day to reach the millennials.

Live Streaming, at the time, was just popping out in China and few brands in NZ were aware of the trend. We have encouraged Streamland to be the first man to eat crabs. And the results were for sure rewarding. The live-streaming collaboration with KOLs, combining both UGC & PGC,  that fit the targeted consumer portfolio became a hit. During the pre-sale, people all wanted the products right away and signed up for the sales debut in the live-streaming room.  Along with all channel PR campaigns, the honey became the golden product and sold out quickly after the launch. 



Rose’n Honey became the NO.1 selling products of Streamland’s Flagship store. Daigous, distributors were eager to get hold of the products in pallets. There were earned impressions, shares of the product news across all Chinese social media. 

Streamland also gained increased brand awareness & love. It was the most popular honey brand on China’s largest e-Commerce channel in 2017. Consumers were placing positive feedback on its creatives, and bought the products as gifts to their loved ones. 

Sold after the campaign, the top selling SKU of the brand in 2017
Million impressions across major social media,
The first NZ honey brand using influencer live-streaming to boost sales